Hi all, I'm Costas

By @coslois · 2021-09-06 07:25

Hi all, I'm Costas

I've been introduced to Laravel by a friend developer 5 years ago (version 5) and never looked up. The introduction to Laravel happened a few days after I officially resigned from my day job to pursue a more freelancing role.

Since then, I've really grown with Laravel and its ecosystem and community and managed to build web applications that I am proud of (some of the codebase not so proud when I review or support now :) ).

My Laravel experience involves a SaaS web app (still running), custom web applications, CLI apps, API with eshop integrations, and others.

I struggle with design, which is my weak spot and always takes the most of my development time for a web app. Hopefully, I will be able to improve over time.

I really look forward to getting to know you and enhancing my Laravel skills and even getting answers to some of the things that have troubled me during my Laravel journey.

  • By @tanzim_ibthesam · 2021-09-07 05:47

    Awesome can you share a bit more about your saas app maybe in a seperate thread

    • By @coslois · 2021-09-07 07:32

      Of course,

      From a high-level perspective

      It is a web application based on Laravel 5.7 (currently upgrading it to L8), VueJS, and MySQL

      It is used by property valuer professionals. The SaaS is implemented with team (offices/companies) based support, so a company can have many users.

      The main features include

      • Import of property sales transactions (as released by the official department of Land)
      • Property Valuation Management
      • Export selected sales transactions/valuations in various formats (excel, word, KML)
      • Enrichment of sales transaction/valuation data from third-party API sources
      • Map representation of sales/valuations with property parcel boundaries
      • Ability to search and filter through the transactions
      • User Roles to enforce specific permissions based on role

      Things I would like to improve after the L8 upgrade is completed and pushed to production

      • Refactor some areas of the code, as this was my first ever official Laravel attempt (5 years ago), and based on the experience I have now, I want to change a few things
      • Redesign the whole interface, as I used adminlte theme, which was ok back then, but now I want to make it look better. Maybe get into tailwindcss (i am sooo bad in design)
      • Tweak DB queries performance. Really get into query refactoring and make sure indexing is correctly set up on the DB level. The challenge is that search is allowed on practically every field and all the related tables.
      • A bunch of other enhancements I have noted down throughout the lifecycle of the project :)
  • By @DigitalHandyman · 2021-09-07 00:04

    Nice to meet you Costas! Look forward to learning from and helping you.