Is there a public beta or something like this?

By @bhaustein · 2022-03-07 08:00

Is there a public beta or something like this?

Since I first heard about lean admin I wait to test it out hoping it is the best solution for our next project. It has been two months since the first launching announcements I have heard so is it possible to have a look at the current progress and to try it out?

Kind regards


  • By @samuel · 2022-03-10 00:59

    Hey, I think we'll be teasing the latest features in a few weeks. Nova 4 is launching soon and as an official product of Laravel, I don't want to take the spotlight while they're hyping the release.

    So if it launches mid-March (my guess), we'll probably start teasing the features around the end of the month and start preparing it for the release.

    • By @bhaustein · 2022-03-10 08:17

      So ist there a Chance to have a "look over the shoulders" to evaluate if it matches our needs? It also would be interesting to know how the pricing is planned in general. One-Time-Payment? >100 >1000€?

      My question is not about the "Big Bang" going public.