Segment users

By @gpanos · 2022-02-07 12:24

Segment users

Hey guys, In my current company we officially support 5 countries Germany, France, United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland.
Internally we have teams of people operating each market (customer success, onboarding, operations, marketing etc).
The softwares works like that: Upon registration we track the user's location and store it.
The backoffice provides filters, metrics etc for each supported country and the logic usually: We segment the users (or any related resource) to those 5 options and we add a generic Other option. Then admins can filter by market, view metrics, export data etc.

This kinda works but has it's limitations: How to handle countries like France that officially have “sub-ordinate” countries that count to France but still have their own ISO code? Those currently are added to the Other category but the should be included in the French market. It's not always obvious what market does the resource belongs to: For example if a user from France do a booking in Germany does the booking belongs to France or Germany? Queries a lot of times are not performant because of nested relationships: For example calculate the GMV of Germany. We need to go through all orders and filter them by the purchaser country to get the result.

I know that the question probably is too specific to get answers but hopefully it can spike a conversion that can put me in the right track.