Weekly updates #49/2021

By @samuel · 2021-12-12 22:13 (edited)

Weekly updates #49/2021

Hey everyone. This is our weekly thread with news from the Laravel world, our weekly code tips, and other updates.

We're building an e-commerce package

You can read about it on Laravel News (or the forum cross-post here) and join the waiting list if you'd like to get access before the official launch.

The TLDR is that there will be an open-source e-commerce core which will do all the heavy lifting, and a Lean Admin wrapper that will include super user-friendly UIs for the e-commerce logic.

This decoupling of the internal business logic and the UI, especially when using something like Lean Admin where you can install multiple packages (e.g. for invoicing, blog, support tickets, e-commerce), makes this solution actually useful for complex or highly customized apps.

Traditionally any packages like these had to pick a side on the feature-richness / customizability trade-off, but since we're using a unique architecture to solve this, we hope that the package will provide both, with great developer experience.

Ecosystem news

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Code tips

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